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Our approach to surfing is a little different! We know the power of surfing and the positive impact that it can have on your life. Everyone’s experience is different and that’s why all our sessions are personal and engaging. No one size fits all and that’s the essence of our company. 

We have different styles of teaching available within every lesson and camp. You may want fun lighthearted lessons with no goals other than having a good time or trying something new or you may want fun infused with technical performance tips and suggestions. Or perhaps a more focused session with detailed positive feedback on areas you could work on with video analysis and goals. We also offer more transformative style lessons with feedback on limiting beliefs that might be affecting your surfing.

Just tell your instructor before your lesson which  style of teaching you would prefer.

Vitamin SEA

What makes us unique is our awareness of the direct link between a surfers performance and their emotional state and personal belief systems. What if I was to tell you that 70 % of surfing is actually in the head?!

We believe that surfing is a direct path to joy, self awareness, release and empowerment. Ultimately it can be a liquid pathway to freedom if worked with consciously. The founder of this company has been working with this approach for 14 years and has been delivering workshops internationally and throughout Ireland. Check out her latest short film she created with award winning film producer Jimmy Kyle: ‘The Ocean’

Every session has this valuable feedback on offer based on our observations of your body language, stance and interaction with the ocean and other surfers.  However if that’s not your thing don’t worry , its optional!

It’s your choice how to chose to engage with your surfing and we’re here to make it happen. 

Sligo Surf Lessons Rebelle Surf School

Beginner Surf Lesson


€65 (1-1 coaching)

Kids Surf Camps



Sligo Surf lessons Rebelle Surf School Strandhill

Intermediate Surf Lesson


€65 (1-1 coaching)

Women's Surf Series - 4 x surf sessions


Advanced Surf Lesson

€40 Group rate

€70 (1-1 Coaching)

Surf Camps

Surf Camps

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