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A unique Surf and Adventure company on the Wild Atlantic Way. We create amazing surf  lessons and experiences for Families, kids, Women, Solo surfers and Bespoke groups. Rebelle Surf is home to the famous and highly popular weekly Women’s Surf Series. Our aim is to empower female surfers to have the confidence and skill set to engage with the Ocean. Come experience the magic of Strandhill, Sligo and the Wild Atlantic Waves for yourself!

Rebelle Surf

Owner Rebelle Surf
Melanie White, Owner of Rebelle Surf

About Rebelle Surf. Melanie White, founder and owner of Rebelle Surf started this company because Surfing is FUN and she’s pretty sure after half a life time of exploring that Joy is a good path to follow!

 Melanie’s Story

I started surfing 17 years ago and was instantly captivated. Basically I fell in love and I’m still as mad about it today as the day I started. Like any love story it’s not a straight road by any means. Surfing challenges me, tests me, pushes me, brings me happiness and peace, takes me on adventures, surprises me and scares me all at the same time. 

There are so many aspects to surfing it blows my mind. Pure sport or pure relaxation and everything in between.

Pro surfer Kelly Slater summed it up for me when he said “Surfing is like the mafia. Once you’re in – you’re in. There’s no getting out.” That’s definitely true for me but I wouldn’t change it for the world either!  The adventures that I’ve had in the search of both tropical and cold water waves have been unforgettable.  

The biggest and greatest gift surfing gives me is connection. Connection to myself and to the true nature of the land and ocean where I live and surf. Not in some theoretical philosophical way, I mean really. When you surf you become part of the ocean’s heartbeat and it’s impossible not to have awareness of that presence.

Surf Culture

Surfing originated in Hawaii and the Hawaiians knew the power of the ocean and its healing effect on the body.

Kapu kai is the Hawaiian ceremonial bathing of one’s self in the sea or salt water if on land. This ceremony was done to purify the body and spirit of the individual, especially when an imbalance was present. This type of ritual was usually done in private however; it was not uncommon for a group of villagers or family members to perform kapu kai to bring harmony and peace into their ahupuaʻa and ultimately the world.

Rebelle Surf Story, surf culture
Hawaii, Photo: Luke McKeown
About the Owner Melanie White Rebelle Surf Strandhill
Melanie, Arugam Bay

The health of our oceans is the health of ourselves, we are interconnected beyond belief. I believe if more people connected with the ocean and formed a positive and playful relationship with it, our choices would be very different.

Women's Surfing & Empowerment

rebelle Surf, Sustainable Surfing
Sustainable Surfing Conference, Sri Lanka

Close to my heart is working with women both individually and in groups. As a woman in a male dominated sports industry I’m well aware of the internal and external blocks we have as females to taking our place in the waves and it’s different for all of us. Throughout the year there will be women’s surf camps and workshops where I will be teaming up with other amazing people to bring you some unique adventures. Watch this space or get in touch if you would like to book as a group.

My background in Physical Therapy, Ancient Hawaiian Massage, Reiki & Shiatsu is a big part of my approach to teaching surfing. I’m aware of the effects emotional blocks and limiting belief systems can have on the physical body and our surfing. My sessions incorporate this and  how to release and work with these beliefs and blocks in a more lighthearted way than traditional therapy. The Ocean does a lot of the work for us! The main focus is fun and allowing yourself to play.

Surf Lessons & Ocean Connection

I started teaching surfing as a professional instructor about 8 years ago. Quickly I started seeing within my students the positive impact surf could have on their physical and emotional (and dare I say it) spiritual well being too. This wasn’t limited to any one particular type of person, the sport aspect was often just a pathway for people to connect deeply with the ocean’s raw power. Once they connected with them selves and the ocean, they’re surfing improved massively.


Rebelle Surf School Melanie White
Melanie, Uluwatu, Bali

The technical side of surfing can be an incredible way of keeping the linear logical mind happy and distracted while the soul can get some much needed peace and expression in a wild element. I know that probably sounds like  a contradiction, and to the logical mind it is. What opens up in the space of surfing is a pure form of moving meditation and merging, a dance with the Ocean.

Irish Woman Surfer Melanie White Rebelle Surf
Melanie, Sri Lanka

Your dance may not be what others call elegant or strong to start off with and it may never be elegant or strong to other people. But that’s not important. Some of the greatest and longest lasting love stories are not founded on perfection and shaping yourself to fit other people’s criticism. They’re about showing up, having a sense of humour, facing fears, being yourself and respecting the other. Letting your wild side and passion run free!

Atlantic waves , Rebelle Surf Strandhill
Photo: Gary McCall

Every wave has a different feeling and every bay has a different atmosphere. The Atlantic feels familiar to me and I know her moods. That’s not to say predictable, far from it, she changes in seconds and can always surprise you. Respect is a must when you enter the Sea.

The Pacific is a different feel altogether while I love the waves there, the Atlantic is my home. I guess what I am saying is that Surfing can be a pathway to your own Soul, the real you, the one that’s not burdened with life’s responsibilities and worries and dramas. Kids are great teachers on how to be free to express themselves.  Surfing isn’t the only pathway but it’s my personal favourite!

Rebelle Surf School, Story Strandhill
Loving the Atlantic!

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