Women's Surf Series

€35 per group session/ €120 for block of 4 sessions

The Women’s Surf Series runs at least twice a week.

Join the Whatsapp group to keep in the loop with times, meeting points and extra sessions.

Times can vary depending on the tides and swell but we generally aim to have the sessions at 6.30pm Tuesdays ( for all the day workers) and Sundays at 11am  ( for those that like a lie in and a lazy coffee at Shells or MJ’s!). We often run more than two sessions so if there is a time you really want to surf please ask!

All levels are welcome as instruction is personalised to where you are. Beginners to advanced are welcome. We also run outback level 2 sessions for those that want to transition to the unbroken waves or need a little guidance on how line ups, tides and currents work.

Fear can be a huge block for many female surfers and we would invite you to work with that as a pathway to discovering the strength behind it rather than ignore it.


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